Querying Truths (Brace Yourself)

Burlap Sacks and Bad Days

In a great article describing the different types of editors in traditional publishing, Andi Marquette wrote:

Most often, an [acquiring editor, or AE] can tell within a paragraph or two what kind of writer the author is. The decision to reject the manuscript most often comes within that first page. That’s why you, the author, need to know a little something about craft, hook, and style. The AE is the dragon at the gate. Prove you’re worthy to pass.

Boy, if that isn't intimidating, then I don't know what is.

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Things I Learned AFTER I Hit "Send"
(Part Two: QueryTracker.net!!!!)

This is me being optimistic.

When I'm depressed about something, the "production" side of my personality goes into a coma and my "consumption" side takes over.  And by consumption and I don't just mean all the binge-eating of Tostitos chips and cheese dip (...did I mention the large bag of Sour Cream and Onion Rings?) I'm also talking about the binge-watching of Jessica Jones on Netflix and the lengthy bouts of lying in bed scrolling aimlessly through Google search results instead of actually sleeping.  

Thankfully for me, this state generally starts to wear off after a day or two.  However, during one of those late-night Google scroll sessions, I came across something that peaked my interest and pulled me instantly out of my query-fail induced funk: QueryTracker.net.

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Things I Learned AFTER I Hit "Send"
(Part One: MS Outlook hates you)

I drowned my misery in Tostitos rolled chips and salsa con queso dip.  *ALL of it*

So it’s been three weeks since I sent my first submission to an agent for consideration – and (somewhat predictably) it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.  First off: no, I did not receive a reply from agent #1, which translates to a “no thank you” as per his submission guidelines.  But I’ve learned a few things since I hit the “Send” button a few weeks back...

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Happy New Year!

The Waiting Game...

Last night, I sent my first submission package to a New York agent. (NOTE: That sentence really should have about ten exclamation points from my perspective, but I’m trying to project an air of measured professionalism here.)

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T-14 days until Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens!!! (Let's eat cake!)

T-14 days until The Force Awakens!

When I was five, I went to the the movie theater for the first time.  And while other girls my age might have chosen lighter fare, I went to see The Empire Strikes Back.  

This wasn't my first exposure to Sci Fi by any means.  My favorite undershirt at the time had Buck Rogers on the front and every week I'd curl up with my Dad on the couch to watch Buck, and his robotic sidekick Twiki, defeat the evil Princess Ardala.  

I loved nothing more than a starship captained by a swashbuckling lead, quirky androids, alien races, and some lazer-based weaponry... so Star Wars was exactly in my little five-year-old tomboy wheelhouse.

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