Podcasts: A Caffeine Alternative

1800km & 25hrs of Podcasts

I love long drives.  The mindset for me is similar to that of going on a run with my dog: uninterrupted stretches of time to just let my mind sift through my subconscious' laundry list of ideas while I belt out Sia songs.  Nothing gives me more writing epiphanies and nothing leaves me with more of a determination to actually get on with my writing.

For March Break this year, we decided to head to Niagara Falls which for me, as a solo driver, is about a 3-day drive in each direction. A few days prior to the trip, I'd come across a blog post by Dan Koboldt on Podcasts for SF/F Writers so I decided to change it up a little for this trip and download some episodes for the drive.  


Pub(lishing) CrawlNow clearly, I'm late to the table on this.  I know that people with lengthy daily commutes often listen to audio books and/or podcasts, and I've listened to the odd audio book while I drove in the past but, for some reason, I just hadn't gotten on the podcast bandwagon yet.  

Reading through Dan's recommendations, I gravitated to the Pub(lishing) Crawl's podcast (available on iTunes). I'd read several posts from the Pub(lishing) Crawl blog site and loved them so I figured this would be a safe bet.  

This series consists of two long-standing friends, both professionals who have worked in various facets of the industry, discussing a variety of topics related to writing and publishing, in progressively more and more detail. The audio quality isn't always consistent (they're each recording from separate locations and one host's mic isn't as great as I'd like) and, as my eldest observed, the dynamic of the two is sometimes reminiscent of the fictitious radio show from SNL, The Delicious Dish, (made famous for the classic holiday "Schweddy Balls" skit) but overall the information they present is consistently relevant, clear, and insightful.

Each episode is about an hour long with the main content up front, followed by discussions about what they're reading, writing, or consuming via other forms of media. (In the earlier episodes, I tended to just skip to the next show once the main topic was covered.)  

In the end, I listened to this podcast exclusively during my trip and in the 6 days of driving (3 days each way), I got through almost the entire backlog of their episodes.  

3600 km has never seemed so effortless.  :)  Check out the full list of writing podcasts that Dan Koboldt recommends at his blog post here.

You can't resist these writing podcasts



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