A Self-Publishing Success Story

Advice from Sci-Fi Author Eric Thomson

One of my good friends is also a writer.  He uses the pen name Eric Thomson and he has come to a fair degree of success with self-publishing — to the point where this past Spring he was able to live the dream and retire early to focus on writing as his full-time career. His example has been a strong siren song for me where self-publishing is concerned, but I suspected there were some aspects of his path to publication that were somewhat unique and I wasn't sure how well his experiences would relate to my situation.  So, as part of my "to self-publish, or not to self-publish" debate, I sat down with Eric (virtually) for an interview on the topic.

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Self-Publishing vs Stubbornness

Stubbornness vs Sour Grapes

If I had to describe myself in one word, "patient" would not be on the short-list of choices. But "stubborn" would, or maybe I'd use "determined" to give it a positive spin... either way, I think my ability to persevere, and be in it for the long-haul where my goals are concerned, counts for something. 

That being said, I also like to think of myself as being open-minded and objective.  Which leaves me somewhat torn between my original, very specific goal of being traditionally published vs allowing myself to consider self-publishing in an honest and informed way.

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A New Beginning (Literally)

Revise [Again]

So officially, I'm up to revision #8 (with many many more unnumbered revisions along the way).   Here's hoping that the eighth time's a charm.  I'm seeing notable improvements at each iteration, though - so it's been worth it, despite all the cursing and pity-fests.

The reply that I received from the agent (originally mentioned in my last blog post) was indeed a rejection but, as hoped, it was a personalized one that reaffirmed what I had suspected was the issue: the book wasn't starting where it needed to.

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Schrödinger's Email


I have an email from an agent sitting in my inbox.  It arrived sometime on Wednesday... I haven't read it yet. 

Right now, it's like Schrödinger's cat: it's neither an outright rejection nor an eager request to represent me. As long as I don't open it, it's a nebulous cloud of probability encompassing all possible answers.  I'm taking my lead from quantum physics and allowing myself to live in a space where the answer could still be whatever I want it to.

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