The Hook for the Book

Eve Unknown... the blurb

For me, the "blurb" at the back of a book is what makes or breaks a purchase when I'm considering a new author. It's essentially a marketing pitch and if that little description can hook me, I'm in.

I've had the blurb roughed out for my book since before Chapters 5 was written but I didn't feel like I'd "earned" the right to post it anywhere publically until the first draft was completed.  But now that I'm onto the revision side of things, it feels like the perfect time to dust those 164 words off and throw them up for the world to see.

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First Draft Complete! 
[BONUS: Sanity Still Intact]

My Gift To Me

This past summer I typed the words “THE END” at the bottom of my manuscript. Granted it's only the first draft and there's still lots of work left to do before I approach the scary scary world of publishing, but bloody hell! I wrote a frickin' book! And it's a book I would seriously devour in a crazy rush of sleepless nights and neglected housework!

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